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Add Volume and Length With Hair Extensions

The stylists at Pink Hair Studio in Bloomingdale, Illinois are skilled with advanced hair treatments. Enjoy smooth and manageable hair with a keratin treatment or add length with extensions. We also offer classic haircuts and salon services.

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Keratin Smoothing Treatment

If you have frizzy and unmanageable hair, take advantage of keratin smoothing therapy. This revolutionary system infuses keratin deep into the hair cuticle to eliminate up to 95 percent of your hair's frizz and curl. By encasing the hair follicle with a keratin bond, this treatment promotes healing while keeping toxins like smoke, pollution, and ultraviolet rays from entering the hair. After the recent popularity of the Brazilian hair straightening method, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review™ found excessive amounts of formaldehyde in the formula. Stylist Peter Coppola created Keratin Complex® Smoothing Therapy. Like the Brazilian formula, this process straightens locks for three to five months but without the harmful chemical. If you struggle to get straight hair even with a straightening iron, reduce your daily styling time and enjoy smooth locks with a keratin treatment starting at $350.

Aqua Hair Extensions

If you have weak or short hair, add length and volume with Aqua hair extensions. We use a cylinder system with duratips to apply hair strand by strand without the use of glue, heat, or chemicals. The fastest way to apply a full head of hair extensions, we use small copper cylinders to gently bond the strands. Come in for a consultation and learn how you can add volume and body or a splash of color within an hour or less.